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Small Business Insurance for Accountants and Bookkeepers

In accounting and bookkeeping, even the smallest details can make all the difference. For example, a typo or missing decimal point in your spreadsheets could lead to major miscalculations. No matter how careful you are, errors can occur, so it's important to make sure you're protected against the consequences of your mistakes.

One of the main benefits of insurance for accountants is to guard against unforeseen risks that could arise as a result of your work, helping protect your business.

An accountancy insurance package that includes professional indemnity insurance can help cover you for legal fees and compensation costs in the event of mistakes. Whether or not you're at fault, clients can still pursue claims against you, so it's always important to be covered.

A bookkeeping insurance package that includes employers' liability cover can also help cover you against claims of compensation from employee injury or illness. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to customise your policy to include insurance for office contents and other equipment.

What can Insurance for Accountants and Bookkeepers Cover?

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of insurance do accountants need?

In general, accountancy businesses need to be covered for their own mistakes, legal claims, data security and office liabilities. An important part of an accountant's insurance package is professional indemnity insurance. This can help protect you from legal fees and compensation associated with clients' legal actions against you. It’s important to have adequate cover in place because costs can pile up even if you’re not at fault.

If you have office equipment, it’s worth considering business contents insurance to cover loss or failure. Also, if you employ staff, it’s worth considering employers' liability insurance, as this is usually a legal requirement for most UK businesses.

What risks does professional indemnity insurance for accountants cover?

Accountants’ professional indemnity insurance can help cover you for the costs of a client's legal action against you. Claims can be raised when a client thinks you’ve made a mistake or offered bad advice. If the client has lost a lot of money or suffered reputational damage, these claims could be substantial. Whether the case is settled in or out of court, adequate insurance cover is a must.

Accounting work often results in disputes between clients and providers. Because accountancy and bookkeeping are complex and detailed, misunderstandings or differences of opinion may not easily be resolved. You may not actually be at fault for a claim to be made, so even the most careful bookkeeping work isn’t free from risk. Accountants’ professional indemnity insurance will protect you against unforeseen legal disputes.

Is insurance necessary for bookkeeping?

Bookkeepers carry a lot of responsibility when working for clients. A business's financial transactions need to be recorded and reported on properly to the relevant authorities. Mistakes can be costly. For this reason, clients may make significant claims against their bookkeepers if they feel a mistake has been made.

If you do the books for a client, a bookkeeping insurance package of covers is worth considering. Professional indemnity insurance can help protect you in the event of legal costs or compensation claims.

How much is business insurance for accountants?

The costs of a business insurance package for accountants can differ depending on the size of your business and how you customise your policy to meet your business needs. You should consider the business essentials: public and product liability, professional indemnity and employers' liability insurance if you have employees. Costs can vary between insurers.

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