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Cleaning and Domestic Services Insurance for Small Businesses

If you’re in the cleaning business, you’ll be aware of the responsibility you carry for your clients and employees. With access to enter a private property for cleaning purposes, you’re expected to take the utmost care with cleaning tasks.

Yet despite the best efforts to minimise risks and avoid accidents, these can still happen, and you could find yourself liable for any costs involved. That is why you should consider investing in insurance for cleaning services, so you know you are protected should an incident occur.

Cleaning business insurance can cover you for a wide range of potential risks that your professional cleaning services business might face. For example, someone might slip and injure themselves, a valuable item might get damaged, or an employee might have an allergic reaction. All of these incidents could lead to legal action against you. Therefore, having a cleaners' insurance package of covers to suit your business needs can make sure you’re not left with high costs to pay.

At Aon, we can arrange customised insurance for cleaning businesses, to help protect against the key risks you face. You can customise a policy that meets your business needs, with a range of cover options. It includes a core cover of Public Liability.

Public Liability can help to protect you against compensation claims made by a member of the public for injury or damage. If your cleaning business has employees, it’s worth considering employers liability insurance. For most businesses it’s a legal requirement to take out employers’ liability insurance.

What does Cleaning and Domestic Services Insurance Cover?

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning and Domestic Services Insurance

What insurance do cleaning companies need?

If you run a cleaning business, then you should consider customised cleaning business insurance to cover your business for risks you may face.

Whether you’re cleaning for domestic services or for commercial workplaces, there are a number of incidents and accidents that could arise during your business activities.

Without cleaners' insurance that includes the right covers for your business, you could be hit with high costs if something goes wrong. An example of such a risk will be if someone slips over on a freshly cleaned floor. You could be liable for any injuries the person sustains.

Another example would be the breakage or damage of a valuable item while carrying out cleaning services for your business. You might also suffer damage to your own business equipment, or an employee may injure themselves on the job.

A customised business insurance policy that meets the needs of your business can help protect your cleaning services business in a range of situations against the cost of unexpected claims.

How much does cleaners' insurance cost?

How much you would expect to pay for your cleaning business insurance largely depends on the size your business , the type of service you provide and the type of covers you select. Whether you’re a domestic cleaner or commercial cleaner the type of cover you need may affect your premiums, as you’ll be likely to have extra costs associated with commercial cleaning.

In addition to the number of employees you have, the clients you serve and the industries you service all factor into the overall cost. If your cleaning services carry a higher level of risk, then this generally can result in an increase to your premium. Speak with us to find out what level of cover you need for your cleaning business requirements.

Will I be covered as a domestic worker?

Cleaning company insurance with the right covers to protect your business needs isn’t just for those involved in cleaning offices and other commercial spaces. While domestic services might seem less risky, the truth is that any home environment will pose risks when cleaning. Tripping and slipping hazards, damaged property and other incidents could still land you in hot water and lead to hefty costs for repairs.

A domestic cleaning insurance package customised to meet your business needs can help cover you for risks that you might face when cleaning a home such as injuries employees might suffer on the job, property you may accidentally damage, or lost business equipment.

What can a cleaning company insurance package cover?

With a cleaning business insurance policy arranged by Aon, you’ve got the option of several covers:

  • Public liability in case anyone is injured, or their property is damaged which has been caused by your cleaning business.
  • Employers' liability in case one of your employees becomes ill or injured while working for you.
  • Business and office equipment cover in case equipment you use as part of your work is damaged or goes missing.
  • Tools cover in case your cleaning equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.

Which commercial cleaning services are covered?

Professional cleaning services can take many forms. Some of the services covered are:

  • Domestic cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Venue and conference room cleaning
  • Restaurant, café and pub cleaning
  • Leisure centre and gymnasium cleaning
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities cleaning
  • Shopping centre and supermarket cleaning
  • Warehouse and distribution centre cleaning

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