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Small Business insurance for health, fitness and wellbeing professionals

The health and wellness industry covers a huge range of practices, which can be very rewarding. If you work in services like massage therapy or holistic therapy, which might include advice on nutrition, you'll know your job can be very personal.

But while you always want to give the best for your clients, sometimes things can go wrong. Business insurance for life coach or health and wellbeing professionals can help to protect your business should the worst happen.

In practices like sports massage, there's always a risk of personal injury, both to your employees and your clients. Similarly, for types of physical coaching like yoga, people can have accidents, however careful you are. So business insurance for industries such as massage or yoga coaching is a must to consider.

Your insurance policy can also be customised to include covers for less physical therapies, as well as general risks like property loss or damage.

What can business insurance for health, fitness and wellbeing professionals cover?


Does a personal trainer need insurance?

Personal trainers always aim to help their clients get fitter and healthier, but if things go wrong, they might have the reverse effect. Public liability insurance can cover you for compensation claims as a result of injuries or property damage sustained by others as you carry out your business activities.

What kind of insurance does a life coach need?

As a life coach, you take on a range of responsibilities for your clients, so it's worth thinking carefully about your insurance cover. An important consideration is public liability insurance.

This can cover unforeseen costs if your client, or anyone else you encounter during your work, gets injured or breaks something.

If you have office equipment, such as a laptop, printer or mobile phone, you may want to consider business contents cover to help protect you from loss or damage to these too.

Should massage therapists have insurance?

As a massage therapist, you're in direct contact with your clients. So there are risks to both yourself and third parties. Public liability insurance can help cover the costs of compensation claims if anybody besides yourself is injured during the day-to-day running of your business. It should also help if their property is accidentally damaged.

Do I need insurance as a yoga instructor?

It promises tranquility, but even yoga isn’t without risks. If your client is injured during a session, you could be held responsible. Public liability insurance can help to cover you against claims for compensation if someone hurts themselves or their property is accidentally damaged as a result of your business activites.

Product liability cover, a core cover that’s combined with public liability, can help protect your business against compensation claims if a client is injured due to a fault in a product you sell them, such as yoga blocks.

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