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Photography, Arts and Entertainment

Photography, arts and entertainment are creative careers that can take you all over the world, capturing everything from weddings to world events. Yet being in these professions carries many risks, not only to yourself but also to others around you.

Loss of expensive equipment, injury to yourself and others, and damage to property are all risks that come with being a professional photographer. Therefore, you should invest in a photography, arts and entertainment insurance package to protect yourself and your equipment from potential risks faced as a result of your business activities.

Aon can arrange customised business insurance packages for those in related professions in the arts and entertainment industries. Aon can arrange an insurance package for artists and sculptors which includes public liability insurance as the core cover, to help protect your business in case of injury to third parties or third party property damage.

Aon can also arrange small business insurance for entertainers such as musicians and actors. Speak with us today to learn more about photography, arts and entertainment insurance for creative industries.

What can business insurance for photography, arts and entertainment professionals cover?

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance for Photography, Arts and Entertainment

What insurance does a freelance photographer need?

If you're a freelance photographer it’s important to consider a photography insurance package to cover your livelihood. You can customise your policy to include the following:

  • Public liability insurance for photographers which can cover you for damage to others’ property or injuries to the public incurred while on a photoshoot.

  • Business Contents cover in case your photography equipment is accidentally damaged and needs to be repaired, or if it’s stolen.

Is it worth getting insurance for my camera?

If you're a professional or a freelance photographer, your camera is the most important tool you have available. Not only is it an expensive piece of equipment, but an essential tool for your job. It gets a lot of use so it’s always at risk of damage, theft or going missing. If something does happen to your camera, your livelihood could be impacted, and the replacement cost could be steep.

As such, photography equipment insurance is an important consideration when thinking about protecting your business. Having a customised package of covers that includes business contents insurance can not only protect your camera but also other equipment you use to run your business, such as laptops and printers. Speak with us to find out the best level of cover for your photography equipment.

What isn’t covered by photography insurance?

While photographers business insurance can cover you for most situations, there are a few risks that most insurers won’t cover on their standard policies:

  • Aerial photography involving any aircraft including unmanned drones.

  • Underwater photography using diving equipment or submersibles.

  • Any photography taken in hazardous locations such as war zones or disaster areas.

What insurance does an artist need?

If you're an artist, a sculptor, or otherwise work in the arts business then you need the right cover for your business needs. Aon can arrange business insurance for artists. The core cover is public and products liability insurance.

You can then choose to customise the policy with a range of other covers such as:

  • Business contents cover - which provides cover for your equipment, and

  • Stock cover - which can cover stock you intend to sell, these covers provide protection in case of loss, theft or damage. Including stock cover can also help cover artworks you have currently on display or in transit to a place of exhibition.

There’s also the option of including employers’ liability cover in case an employee is injured or falls ill in the course of working for you. Also, public liability insurance for artists can help cover you if third-party property is damaged or a member of the public is injured due to you carrying out your work.

Speak with us to find out more about business insurance Aon can arrange for artists.

What insurance does an entertainer need?

If you're an entertainer then you will often need to work in public venues. In order to protect yourself and your business should the worst happen, you should consider some form of entertainment insurance for your business needs.

A business insurance package for entertainment industry professionals includes public liability cover as the core cover which protects against compensation claims from third-party accidents or property damage that could occur as part of your performance, including set-up.

Aon can also arrange employers’ liability cover in case employees are injured. Additionally, Aon can arrange business contents cover should your equipment be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. Speak with us today to find the right entertainment insurance for your business needs.

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