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Business Insurance for professionals working in Architecture, Engineering and CAD Design

Design or engineering business insurance is vital for protecting contractors and freelancers from civil engineers and architects to CAD designers and more. Work in these areas often has a significant public impact, so it matters when things go wrong.

Precision is vitally important, but even the most careful designers and engineers can make mistakes. A customised insurance package can save your business from the financial worry of consequences if things go wrong.

Possible risks range from design mistakes and miscalculations to property damage or injury. Covers like professional indemnity and public liability can help keep you up and running in the event of problems. And if you employ staff, you're usually legally required to have employers’ liability insurance too.

What can business insurance for architects and engineering professionals cover?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is engineering business insurance?

Engineering business insurance is a policy suitable for small businesses and self-employed people working in an engineering discipline. This can include design engineers, civil engineers, construction engineers, consultants and many more jobs.

Insurance packages for engineers can be customised to the requirements of the role or business needs. Professional indemnity insurance for engineering consultants is an important cover to consider and is a core cover of the policy that we can arrange for you at Aon.

Professional indemnity insurance for engineers can cover you if you make a mistake in your work. Errors can be costly, as they may cause delays, damage or wasted materials, and your clients could claim for compensation from you. Professional indemnity insurance can be helpful to cover legal and compensation costs that may arise.

Other important covers to consider are public liability, business contents and employers’ liability.

Do architects need professional indemnity insurance?

Architects are responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of big projects. If a problem arises with the plans, an architects' business insurance policy is important to help cover costs that may follow.

Architects' professional indemnity insurance is an important cover to consider. It can help cover the expense of legal action and compensation in the event of faulty designs or advice.

Even if you're not at fault when third parties pursue legal action, there can still be significant costs. Architects professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect you against unforeseen costs.

In addition, if you choose to include business contents cover and tools insurance within your package, these covers can protect your office contents and the tools of your trade against unforeseen risks such as loss, theft or damage.

Who needs engineering business insurance?

Anyone working in engineering should consider a specific insurance package to keep them running in the event of problems. Even if your work is limited to digital design, there can still be liabilities.

For example, if a client were to injure themselves at your place of work, or suffered injury as a result of a product you sold them, having public and products liability insurance can help protect you against unforeseen risks. If the injured party pursues legal action, public and products liability insurance can help cover legal and compensation costs.

And if you employ staff, employers’ liability insurance is usually a legal requirement.

Do I need insurance as a CAD designer?

CAD designers typically produce the plans for engineers and architects. You may not have direct contact with the wider public. However there are still risks, and a customised business insurance package is an important consideration to enable continued practice in the event of trouble.

If you make errors in your design, for example, you could be held liable if your errors cause your clients financial loss.

Professional indemnity insurance can help cover your costs of court action following a design flaw. Contents insurance is another useful cover, to help you with the cost of lost or damaged equipment such as laptops, desktops and phones you may use.

What insurance does an architect need?

There are many aspects to an architect's job. From client interaction to solitary design work, through to site visits and employee consultations, they all carry risks.

Professional indemnity insurance for architects is an important cover to consider. It can help cover costs if you make design mistakes and legal action follows.

Public liability insurance can help protect your business if clients or other third parties are hurt or their property is damaged when visiting your site. Other covers such as business contents cover can help to keep your business running if you encounter trouble with your business equipment. And if you employ staff, most UK businesses are usually required by law to have employers’ liability insurance.

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