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Small Business Insurance for Education and Tutoring Professionals

Education and training can be very rewarding work, but it also carries a number of risks. As a teacher or tutor, you bear a huge responsibility for the development, safety and wellbeing of your trainees or students.

Mistakes and misunderstandings can sometimes crop up, so it's wise to be prepared with a customised business insurance package for tutors. All sorts of teachers and consultants need insurance, for example:

  • School teachers, including supply staff
  • Private tutors
  • Professional skills trainers
  • Schools inspectors
  • Educational or training consultants

In all of these areas, business insurance for teaching professionals can help protect you when things take a turn for the worse. If trainees are injured while in your care, for example, potential legal proceedings could be costly. Or, if your teaching equipment is lost or damaged, you may not be able to teach effectively.

In these and other cases, a business insurance package for teaching industry professionals is there to help protect you and your business and let you keep working.

What can business insurance for education and tutoring professionals cover?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do tutors need insurance?

As a tutor or teacher, you have close personal interactions with students and a lot of responsibility for the risks you might face. For example, if you’re teaching on private premises, injuries students sustain can become your responsibility. You could be sued for damages, and the legal costs can mount, even if the lawsuit falls through. Public Liability can help protect your business against unforeseen compensation claims.

As well as those risks, if learners feel they haven't been taught well or have underperformed in assessments, they may pursue legal action for fees or loss of potential earnings. These and other risks can be covered by a business insurance package for tutoring professionals that includes professional indemnity cover. Depending on the nature of your enterprise, you may customise your package to include covers such as employers’ liability, business equipment and other specific cover options to meet your business needs.

Do private tutors need insurance?

Although private tutors typically work on a one-to-one basis, they also should avoid practising without adequate insurance. Students expect good results from private tutoring and may be willing to take legal action if they feel they have been poorly served.

As a private tutor, dissatisfaction can result if you fail to cover a syllabus or don't prepare your student adequately for assessments. Professional indemnity insurance for tutoring professionals protects you in the event of expensive and time-consuming legal action.

Do teachers need professional indemnity insurance?

Teachers' professional indemnity insurance protects you against claims of negligence from students or their parents. Parents may feel their child has underperformed or that the syllabus has not been adequately met. Whether justified or not, teachers can face claims of dissatisfaction.

If legal action follows, it helps to be well covered to protect your livelihood, reputation and ongoing occupation. Even if you are not at fault, there can be costs. To protect your business, you should think about a business insurance package for teachers that includes professional indemnity. This will cover you for compensation and legal costs.

Do I need public liability insurance as a tutor?

Safety is a priority for educators, but accidents can still happen, and educators should consider adequate insurance cover in the event of mishaps. Public liability insurance provides protection for your educational business in the event of injuries sustained by students in your care that result in compensation claims. It also covers you for property damage, so you can help cover the costs of spilt drinks, dropped devices or other accidents.

Along with professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance is an important consideration for educators. Whether you work as a private coach, school teacher or as a tutor for professional accreditation, you may encounter situations of public risk. So this is one part of your insurance package to think about including.

Do I need insurance for online teaching?

Online teaching reduces the risks of direct personal contact between students and educators. Any accidents that students sustain during your teaching session will not typically be on your property, so you are unlikely to be held accountable. However, there are still risks that your insurance policy can help cover.

Students and parents may hold you accountable for failed grades or missed targets, so you should think about having professional indemnity insurance.

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