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Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist Insurance

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Business Insurance for Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists

As a hair and beauty specialist, you work hard to make your clients look and feel good. From beauticians to nail technicians to hairdressers, these are professions whose aim is to satisfy. But what if things go wrong? From salon-based beauty treatments to mobile hairdressers, it's vital to cover yourself – and your clients – against accident or injury.

A customised hairdressing insurance or beauty insurance package of covers that meets the needs of your business can include all you need to protect your business in case of unforeseen claims. Aon can arrange business insurance for professions such as hairdressers or beauticians.

You’ll have public and product liability insurance as a core cover. Public Liability insurance protects your business if you injure someone or damage their property in the course of your work. Public liability insurance protects you in the event of an accident and may cover your legal fees and compensation costs. Product liability insurance is combined with public liability to add further protection. This can protect you if someone is injured or if their property is damaged as a result of a product you’ve sold them.

You can then choose to customise your policy by including a range of optional covers such as employers’ liability insurance, tools cover, business contents and more in order to meet your business needs.

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What does Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist Insurance Cover?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance does a beautician need?

If you travel to your clients rather than treating them at your salon, having a customised business insurance package of covers to meet the business needs of beauty therapists or mobile beauticians can help to cover a range of risks.

First and foremost, beauticians have a responsibility to clients to keep them safe. But accidents can happen, and if they do, it's wise to have adequate insurance in place to help cover unforeseen risks which can lead to potential costs.

A business insurance package for hairdressers and beauticians can typically include covers such as public and product liability, business contents or tools cover. If you have employees, it’s a legal requirement for most UK businesses to have employers’ liability, so this is also an important cover to consider.

For example, if a client trips over a cable in the salon and is hurt, or is injured by a product you supply them, they may seek compensation. For such cases, having a hair and beauty business insurance policy including public and product liability cover can help meet legal or compensation costs.

Do hairdressers need insurance?

Hairdressers work with sharp blades, hot tongs, chemicals and other hazardous equipment. Usually it's perfectly safe, but if accidents do happen, it's sensible to have an adequate hairdressers' insurance policy in place.

The most serious events are injuries to clients, which can result in compensation claims and legal action. Public and product liability insurance that covers the treatments you perform can help cover these expenses and keep the business running.

Other accidents can occur that damage property, or cause injury to members of the public. For these risks, public liability insurance protects the business against compensation costs for damage or injury. And if you’ve got business equipment which may need to be covered for fire, theft or accidental damage, you should think about business contents insurance.

Do you need insurance for eyelash lifting?

Beauty treatments like eyelash lifts or extensions, as well as eyebrow threading, facials and waxing, can be risky. As a professional, you take the greatest care, but accidents are still possible.

Since many of these treatments affect the face, the consequences of accidentally injuring a client can be serious, and clients may take legal action against you. For such risks, public liability insurance that covers the treatments you perform is essential to protect your business.

Your business insurance package for eyelash extension technicians can also include protections for other risks. For example, accidental damage to property can be covered by public liability insurance, while injuries or illnesses caused by products you use or sell, can be covered by product liability insurance. And to insure your equipment, business contents insurance is also an option worth considering.

What insurance do I need as a mobile hairdresser?

Mobile hairdressers face similar risks as salon-based hairdressers. Public liability cover protects you in the event of third party accidents which could result in legal action and compensation claims.

In addition, it’s worth considering public and product liability insurance for mobile hairdressers, as public liability can cover claims of accidental damage to clients' property, so it’s an important cover to consider, particularly since you may often visit clients at home.

Products liability insurance will cover you if someone is injured or if their property is damaged as a result of a product you’ve sold or supplied them. And you should consider business contents insurance to cover your equipment.

Does a nail technician need to be insured?

Nail technicians, like any beauty professionals, should consider a customised business insurance package to protect your business against unforeseen risks. If you work as a nail specialist, you should think about cover for accidents, injuries and tools.

Public liability insurance may cover legal fees and compensation claims for third partie property damage if it's damaged as a result of your business activities. It can also help with costs arising from accidental injury, so it's an important component of your nail technician insurance package.

You can't work without your specialist equipment, so business contents cover is important in case of fire or burglary. And if you employ staff, it’s usually a legal requirement for most UK businesses to take out employer’s liability insurance, so this is an important cover to consider too.

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