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Business Insurance for Self-Employed Carpenters

If you are a carpenter, then you will understand how important it is to protect your livelihood.

Everything from stolen tools to damage to your work, to the risk of injury can harm your business and your income.

So you should think about investing in carpenters' insurance to help protect your business from risks.

Risks that Self-Employed Carpenters Face

FAQs on Self-Employed Carpenters

Do I need carpenter insurance?

As a carpenter, you could face a number of risks on the job. Risks can come from loss or theft of equipment, damage to contract works or injury to the public or employees. That’s why carpenters' insurance is an important consideration.

Having carpenters' insurance in place can give you peace of mind. It can help cover you for a range of risks.

What is covered under an insurance package for carpenters?

Here are some of the things you can get cover for in a customised carpenters' insurance package:

  • Replacement costs for tools and equipment as well as other assets such as plant and materials that have been lost or stolen.
  • Claims made by a third party due to property damage or injury.
  • Compensation claims made by employees or contractors due to injuries on site.
  • Repairs to your project site due to damage caused by natural disasters or vandalism.

What is not covered under carpenter insurance?

Carpenters' insurance will only cover the equipment and material that you use for work.
For example, any tools you use at home that are also used for your business can be covered if they’re lost or damaged while they’re being used for your business activities.
However, if the tools are only for personal use, then they won’t be covered by carpenter tool insurance.

How much is carpenter insurance?

How much you need to pay for your carpenters' insurance will depend on factors such as what type of covers and how much cover you need. It may also depend on where your business is located.

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