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Business Insurance for Self-Employed Glaziers

Working with glass brings a whole range of hazards, no matter how careful you are. Whether you're building conservatories, installing patio doors or replacing windows, you'll need insurance against possible costs from injuries or accidents. A customised glaziers’ insurance package can help to keep you and your business safe.

Benefits of Insurance for Glaziers

Protect yourself against expensive claims

Injuries or accidents involving glass can be serious. Public liability cover can help if clients take legal action against your business as a result of an injury or damage to their property. It can help you keep your business going even if there is a large compensation claim.

Safeguard your employees' well-being

If you employ staff, you'll want to ensure their livelihood is protected. Employers’ liability cover can make sure they get the financial help they need in the event of an accident at work. It's also a legal requirement for most businesses with employees.

Stay on the right side of the law

Your glazier insurance package should include employers’ liability cover if you take on staff. You can also include legal expenses insurance to help with administrative or regulatory issues that may crop up.

Risks that Self-Employed Glaziers Face

FAQs on Self-Employed Glaziers

Do I need glazier insurance?

Considering glaziers’ and window fitters’ liability insurance is important. When you work with delicate materials like glass, it's likely you'll encounter an accident at some point. If that accident involves third parties, the consequences can be severe, and you could be held liable. An insurance package that includes public liability cover can help to keep your business running.

It's also recommended that you take out insurance cover for your tools and stock. Modest regular insurance payments are more manageable than the sudden costs of unexpected replacement. Employers’ liability insurance is also required if you have any staff.

What is covered under glazier insurance?

The exact coverage of a glazier insurance package depends on the insurance provider and on the level you choose. With a good provider, it's possible to customise your coverage to suit your requirements, so you only pay for what you need. An essential component, however, is public liability cover. This can help with costs if somebody is injured by your work or on your work site.

If you employ anybody, however casually, another important essential is employers’ liability insurance. It's usually required by law, and you could face big fines if you're found to be uninsured.

What is not covered under glazier insurance?

You're usually covered for events or actions outside your control. However, if materials are damaged deliberately by you or your employees, the costs will not typically be covered by glaziers’ insurance. The same applies to injuries, whether to yourself or others.

Many providers will not cover you for work carried out abroad. And some insurers exclude damage or accidents in transit. Check the details before you buy, so you know exactly what is and what isn’t covered.

How much is glazier insurance?

Insurance costs typically form a very small fraction of your monthly costs. In return you get the peace of mind that, should a serious accident happen, you can keep your business and your livelihood going.

It's worth customising your glazier insurance to make sure you're fully covered for the risks you face but that you're not paying for things you don't need. The geographical location of your business and claims history may make a difference to the premium you pay.

What should I know when shopping around for glazier insurance?

Carry out an assessment for the areas you would like to cover and note down the value of things like your tools and stock. Think about the type of buildings or projects you're likely to be working on. These factors will all affect the level of insurance you need, so you should use them to assess any insurance package to make sure you're covered.

Basic insurance packages may not cover everything you need, so always check the details carefully.

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