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Business Insurance for Self-Employed Handymen

The work of a handyman covers a huge variety of jobs. But with that comes a similar range of risks.

Like any other tradesperson in building and construction, insurance is imporant to consider to help protect against accidents or injuries.

A customised handyman insurance package can help keep you working with confidence.

Risks that Self-Employed Handymen Face

FAQs on Self-Employed Handymen

Do I need handyman insurance?

Because you usually work in other people's homes, there's always a risk of property damage and injury. That means you should consider public liability cover. It can keep your business going when unexpected legal costs arise due to compensation claims.

What is covered under handyman insurance?

A public liability insurance package for handymen can be customised to suit your individual needs. Public liability is the core cover of your package. You can then include tools, stock, business contents, plant and contract works cover.

If you’ve got employees, you’ll most likely need employers’ liability cover by law. This covers work-related injuries or illnesses. You needn't have full-time employees for this to apply.

Even casual can fall under the remit, and failure to comply can result in a fine of £2,500.

What is not covered under handyman insurance?

Your cover will depend on your insurer and the amount of cover you choose. With tools contents or plant, there may be limits on the cover amount for any individual item. It’s important to carefully read your policy documents.

Typically, replacement for wear and tear won’t be covered.

How much is handyman insurance?

The cost of your insurance will depend on your provider and the level of cover you choose. You can customise your handyman public liability insurance package so you’re only paying for what you need.

Geographical location, the type of work you do, and your experience level can impact the cost of your insurance.

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