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Business Insurance for Self-Employed Joiners

As a joiner, you know how important it is to keep your livelihood safe. Any problem from having your tools stolen, to onsite injuries can impact your business. One of the best ways to keep your business safe from potential liabilities and protect your livelihood is with joiner insurance.

Risks that Self-Employed Joiners Face

FAQs on Self-Employed Joiners

Do I need joiner insurance?

Working as a joiner does not come without risks, whether you are working on site or in your own premises. Your tools or equipment could be lost, damaged or stolen, while you, your staff, or members of the public could get injured.

Whatever the risk, it is important to consider business insurance for joiners to help protect your livelihood.

Joiner insurance offers you peace of mind so you can get on with your work with confidence.

What is covered under joiner insurance?

With joiner insurance you can get cover for the following:

  • The cost of replacing and repairing tools and equipment. This cover also includes assets like plant and material supplies.
  • Public liability cover for third party claims due to injury or property damage. This is the main cover of a business insurance package
  • Compensation claims that occur if employees or contractors are injured or fall ill at work.
  • Repairs to contract works if damaged by vandalism or natural disasters.

What is not covered under joiner insurance?

Business insurance for joiners will come with some exclusions. General wear and tear are usually excluded. And theft may not be covered if your tools and other materials aren’t secured. It is important to understand the exclusions in an insurance policy before making a final decision.

How much is joiner insurance?

The total cost of your joiner business insurance package will depend on the number of covers you choose to include, and the amount of cover you select.

Your insurance premium may also vary depending on where you work and other factors, such as if you have had a claim in the past.

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