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Business Insurance for Self-Employed Tradesmen

Working as a tradesman has its risks. You'll often operate in private homes or public places and use a range of tools.

Whether you're a plumber, electrician, tiler or other tradesman, you should consider insurance to cover your business risks.

Customised tradesman insurance can help keep your business secure.

Risks that Self-Employed Tradesmen Face

FAQs on Self-Employed Tradesmen

Do I need tradesman insurance?

Tradesman business insurance is an important consideration for the self-employed and small businesses. You can customise your insurance package to meet the specific risks of your business.

You may be required by a client to have public liability cover, and if you employ staff, it’s usually a legal requirement to have employers’ liability cover.

What is covered under tradesman insurance?

You can customise your public liability insurance package for tradesmen to include a range of covers. Public liability is the core cover of your package; you can then choose to add employers' liability cover if you have staff, including apprentices and labour-only subcontractors.

Tools and business contents covers help protect your business equipment, and you can also choose to include plant insurance and contract works insurance.

What is not covered under tradesman insurance?

Tools cover usually has a value limit for individual items, so you might need to insure these separately. Also, usual wear and tear are generally not covered.

You should also ensure that you take reasonable steps to secure your business equipment and tools to prevent loss or theft.

What is not covered will depend on your insurer, so you should read your policy documents carefully.

How much is tradesman insurance?

The cost of your insurance will depend on a number of factors. The types of cover you choose to include, and the amount of cover you select, will help determine your insurance premium.

Your price may also depend on where your business is located and if you have employees.

If your business activities involve work that can be considered more risky, such as working at heights or with heat, this can impact your insurance costs.

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